by Brutis Perux

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The #WAR EP was created as a collaborative effort with a T-shirt line from Royal Dynamite designed by Arnold Randall Art, and music from AG One Entertainment and an educational package from RD Cares (royaldynamite.com/collabos/).

"WAR is the realization that we can all fight for what we believe, we can all change our path, we can all WAR against whatever we see as a barrier. Nothing stays the same forever." - Arnold Randall


Where Brutis Perux got his inspiration for #WAR:

I’m trying to think, what really was the start? We had gone to the Yehri-Wi-Cry event and that’s when RD pitched me the idea of doing an EP for their new line…at the time it was real open ended; we didn’t know where we were going to take, we just knew that we were going to collab on this project.

That night I started working on some music. I started writing a song concept:

They have no peace, unless there’s #war
They have no joy, unless the mothers are crying; children are dying

But after coming up with that idea, I got stuck. So I decide to call it a night and while I was driving home it hit me. What kind of people would let this happen, and more importantly who are the people that could stand up and do something about it – make a difference. I don’t know how I came up with the acronym, but #WAR became “We Are Royal” and the royalty signifies the people that are willing to stand up for injustice of all bondage. The song concept became the spirit of the project, and that was the place in which I dove in to create the sound.

- @BrutisPerux


released September 20, 2012


all rights reserved



AG One Entertainment Anaheim, California

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Track Name: When You Fall (Feat. Krista Moné)
Verse 1
Figures that you would hide,
Heart locked tight, but I got the key yeah, key yeah, uh huh, uh huh

Secrets? I gotta know.
I'm gonna crack your code, You'll see

You can put your trust in me

Oh baby, I wanna be your lady
Oh honey, just wanna give you lovin'
Like a fortress all around ya
Built those walls, I'll break them down
Oh baby
I'm wanna be the one to catch you when you fall

Verse 2
Confidence is standing guard
But that won't get you far, oh no no

Your pain and all your problem
Give them to me, let me solve them

Just can let yourself go


Laissez tomber vos gardes
Montrez-moi votre cœur
Laissez-moi être forte pour vous.

Your world is like a war
So when you can't take no more
You've gotta let me fight for you


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